Keiron Anatu,  LAc, EAMP

1800 Cooper Point Road SW
Building 24-B
Olympia WA 98502

My practice is temporarily closed due to pandemic protocol. Please check back for updates. If you are on my mailing list, I well send updates. For questions, please email me or use contact form below.  Blessed be...

Soma Neuromuscular Integration
  • New patient: Intake, Assessment and Treatment: Hour and a half - $75

  • Subsequent Acupuncture Treatments:                  One hour- $50

  • Combination Acupuncture and Bodywork (Somassage, Guasha, Cupping, Tuina):                 Hour and a half- $75

  • Phone consultation-no cost

Acupuncture can treat many types of conditions such as: pain, stress, fatigue, headaches, anxiety, depression, common colds, digestive issues, post surgical healing, and much more. If you have questions about acupuncture, please call. I am happy to talk to you.

  • Soma sessions:                  Hour and a half to two hours- $125 per session.

Soma is a 10 session series of a type of deep tissue bodywork called Structural Integration. Each session works with releasing connective tissue (fascia) in specific ways to re-align the body and provide greater ease of movement, neural communication, circulation and respiration.  Making the investment in and commitment to regular bodywork can have a profound impact on one's life. Please call for more information or to schedule Soma sessions.

Somatic Education

In most sessions I will include some somatic education in the form of movement or relaxation techniques or qi gong exercises.  I am also available for either group or private tai chi classes.


Appointments, Payment and Policies

My schedule is by appointment. Hours are listed on the contact page and include Saturdays for your convenience.  It's just me, no support staff, so when calling or texting for an appointment or inquiry, please allow 24 hours for a response, though usually I will try to respond ASAP. If it is your first appointment, please come 10 minutes early to fill out paperwork and allow an hour and a half for assessment and treatment.  For acupuncture, loose clothing that can be pulled up to knees or elbows without compromising circulation is advisable. It is also a good idea to have something healthy to eat an hour or so before your treatment, no running in on empty!

Payment is due at time of service. I accept credit\debit cards, checks or cash. If you need to cancel an appointment, please give me 24 hours notice.

My goal as a practitioner is to be accessible, affordable and attentive. To that end, I strive to keep business administration simple and manageable so I do not have to hire support staff or spend countless hours myself with billing, marketing, or accounting. Thus, I can keep my fees reasonable and focus on quality of care.

If you are fortunate enough to have a great insurance policy with clear acupuncture benefits and low deductible and co-pay, I can provide you with an itemized statement that includes the coding and information the insurance company needs. I am an out-of-network provider, which means that you will pay at time of service and send this statement to your insurance provider, who will then reimburse you directly.  Each policy is unique, so it is wise to speak with your insurance provider ahead of time to see what limits and conditions your policy may have.

Communication is important to me.  I will do my best to translate Chinese Medicine and Somatic Theory into understandable language and metaphors. I welcome any questions or insights you may have as well.



A Moveable Feast
(Monthly Quotes)

Take your well-disciplined strengths and stretch them between two opposing poles. Because inside human beings is where God learns.

-Rainer Maria Rilke-