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Tai Chi Classes

*** I do not have a current class running but am looking for an indoor space in which to continue classes. Any suggestions are welcome.

During summer months, class will be held outdoors in the courtyard in front of the office. Saturdays are quiet with plenty of parking. My office is available for bathroom, water, tea or to cool off for a minute in the AC. If I have enough interest I will add a weekday evening class, in which case you could come to either day or for a small fee, come to both. 


Monthly Tai Chi: $40

Tai Chi Plus: $110

Register for class using the button below or the book online page above.  You are welcome to start any time, I will make adjustments to cost at your first class. You will receive a monthly punch card. The month of September has five Saturdays...I would love for one of them to be a combo class and potluck. This "extra" class could be donation based and together we could decide where to donate.  The "Tai Chi Plus" option above includes monthly classes plus two acupuncture sessions.  This is a great way to integrate what you are learning in the form very directly with the body and vice versa, well, that, and then there's the relaxation...

Classes are an hour long and we will begin with some warm up exercises so if you are a little late, just quietly step in.  We will be learning the Yang Style long form which has 108 movements arranged in three sets.  It takes time to learn the long form,  probably a year or so, as they say, it's all about the journey. Even if you only learn the first movement that is enough to start and end your day with softness, grace and awareness.  People of all ages and abilities are welcome. Please let me know if you have any physical challenges so that I can give appropriate guidance and adjustments. Loose clothing is best. We will be practicing in the courtyard which is made of brick pavers, there is bound to be some uneveness, so wear appropriate footwear to support your needs. In general I like to wear thin soled shoes so I can feel my feet moving and connecting with the ground, but when my knee is aching, I need more cushion...We move slowly in tai chi to develop the inner awareness of  "how" the movements are made. There will be a lot of repetition within each movement as well as groups of movements as we begin to string them together, so while practice is not particularly strenuous you may need to "get your legs under you" or have some patience with the process of developing presence, intention and application.  This all sounds very serious, but I try my best to make it fun and interesting. You surely need a sense of levity in learning to move with ease!

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